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Why You NEED To Update Your Computer

No software is perfect. The program that you are using on your computer right now is being used by tens of millions of devices around the world. As this program gets used daily, there are certain bugs and faults that Windows or Mac finds they need to fix, in order for a user’s experience to be smoother. This is one reason why it is important to update your computer. Updates could be helping to fix a button that doesn’t work or something trivial like that.

However, another more important reason you need to be updating your computer is that cybercriminals and security researchers are constantly looking for a weak spot in your operating system’s fabric that could be used to break in and steal valuable data. The longer you take to update your device, the weaker your security is.

This is an ongoing process. And it is happening for all sorts of programs that you use: Google Chrome, Adobe, Safari, Android, Mac OS, and Windows OS, etc. Updating these programs when prompted is vital. Most of the time with these updates, everything that needs to be fixed is within one large update, but it never really stops.

When should I update my computer?

  • Update your computer when you are being notified to update.

  • Restart your computer regularly. Not rebooting your computer regularly leaves your system more prone to bugs and glitches that can be fixed by a restart. Rebooting your computer regularly will help prompt the updates that are needed.

What about updating my operating system?

Updating your operating system is a much larger update than just a security or bug patch. When updating your OS (Operating System), there are security issues and glitches being fixed, but there is a lot more being changed as well. Your whole interface may look different after you go from Windows 8 to Windows 10. However, you are upgrading to a much more efficient and advanced system. Which is important for keeping your operations running properly. If you haven’t updated to Windows 10, you still can, and should!

Look out for our post next month about what exactly the next Windows 10 update is going to be and what changes it will bring.

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