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What is The Hype on Chromebooks?

There are brilliant new computer variations coming out every season. While Chromebooks have been out since 2011, they are still one of the most unique devices fit for a very specific customer's needs. So, what is a Chromebook and what is it best used for?

In a world where the majority of our computing is done via cell phone, it is not surprising that Chromebooks are rising in popularity. A Chromebook is a laptop-sized device that operates using a Google Chrome operating system, rather than a Mac or Windows operating system. If you spend most of your time on Google Docs or email (such as if you’re a student) then this computer may be the perfect fit for you. Chromebooks are an android OS just like many cell phones. Because of this, the access to apps this computer has is most apps available to Android phone users.

While you may see this and think “why would I want a laptop-sized phone that I can’t make calls with”. The reality is that many individuals and even businesses who now use a Windows or Mac OS-based computers may find that a Chromebook very nicely fits their needs at a much lower price.

Chromebook Positives:

  • Lower price

  • Easy web browsing, email, and online video viewing.

  • Document and spreadsheet work via google docs.

  • It updates itself (No constant update worries!)

  • Daily use in an online world.

  • Many apps that are available on most phones.

Chromebook Negatives:

  • No ability to install desktop programs (i.e. Quickbooks, Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite)

  • Less functional when not connected to the internet since most apps will require an internet connection.

  • Small storage space.

  • No optical (DVD) drive.

While each person’s needs are different, it may be worth it to spend less money on a system that runs Google Chrome and Andriod apps if that is primarily what you spend your time on. If you have any questions or would like to order a Chromebook from PCTouchup, call at 855-728-6824 or come into our shop!

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