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Software and Security Updates

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Yes, Windows and security updates pester you at all times of the day. However, there is something important they are trying to tell you. Nothing is perfect. No software is perfect, and no hardware is perfect. Every time Microsoft develops a new operating system, they will have flaws in that operating system which they will not discover for weeks, months or years. As they find these issues, usually through someone taking advantage of these faults in the software, they have to patch it up. However, there are still doors being opened and closed constantly in the security of your operating system. The importance of Windows updates and security updates is that they are fixing those gaps in the OS. It's the same for any operating system, Mac, Android, Linux, Windows, etc.

This is the same for softwares that you use, such as Google Chrome, Quickbooks, or Adobe products. It could be that they are fixing a bug with a button not working or a glitch. But a lot times, an update is fixing a security gap that someone could take advantage of. So, they close access to that in order for the program to be secure and customers to be safe. As you could guess, in a business setting, it is vital to keep these updates current. For our commercial clients, we try to do updates weekly to keep their systems as secure as possible.

If you're wondering how to find your security updates, luckily the security updates for Windows are merged with your normal Windows updates, which are often forced on you as they come up. Many of them are automated so they will download and install on your system automatically. On Windows 10, if you would like to find them manually, you can go to "Settings" and find "Update & System". Here, there is an update option where you can check for updates and find your update history. For Windows 8/8.5 and older, you can find them by searching in the Start Menu, "Windows Updates". Apple updates are usually bundled with a bunch of little stuff unlike Windows which throws updates to the user as they come about. For Mac users, their updates will either come through the app store (which you will be notified by) or through system preferences. The easiest way to get to your updates on a Mac is to go to the Apple icon at the top left corner of your screen and click on the "check for updates" option.

Thank you for your time, and if you have more questions about updates, come by the shop or call at 855-728-6824.

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