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For those of you that don't know, we have a residential based side of business called PC Touchup and a commercial clientele under a business called Upworx. For each of these, the same technicians are helping to repair the problems you need solving, but they are under separate modes of business. Upworx upholds a contract of service which provides our customers with ongoing care, while PC Touchup provides help to people who need short-term care. Below are listed the services that we offer.

PC Touchup

Services that we offer:

1.) Any issue you’re having with your laptop or desktop, physical or internal!

2.) Software installation

3.) Reloading and updating operating systems

4.) Virus Protection

5.) General Cleanups (if your computer is running slow or if things are not loading)

6.) Hardrive failure recovery and replacement

7.) Solid State hard drive installation

8.) Home Networking

9.) Home-security systems and camera systems

Services that we don’t offer:

1.) No phones or tablet screen repairs but we do offer configuration setup. This can include mailboxes, downloading apps, or upgrading your device. The only exception to this is that we can work on tablets that have a Windows Operating system on them.

We can do home service calls, which are paid by the hour, while in-store services are priced by the service not the time. For specific costs on any of our services, you can always call, come in or get a quote.


Commercial based repairs:

1.) MSP (Managed Services) = installing an application on workstations and servers that does proactive maintenance and allows our technicians to monitor things such as antiviruses, backups, and allows us to aid them remotely, which is something that we cannot offer our residential customers.

2.) Many businesses use their personal computer for their businesses as well. For this type of client, we may choose to help them through PC Touchup or Upworx based on their needs.

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