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Removing the Junk

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Junkware is relatively a new term and Grayware is considered the parent word. Either way they both represent the same pesky computer software issue. Essentially, this definition is very close to PUP (potentially unwanted program). However, this term was invented by anti-virus software manufacturers and describes only some unwanted programs that are not malicious.

This software can come from many different sources. For advertisers and promoters, it is a chance to influence your purchases. In a nut shell Junkware is software on your computer that has no purpose for the user. Most anti-virus programs will not find this software as a threat because they are legitimate programs. But they will slow your computer down because they can run in the background, use your computer’s memory and overall make your computer work harder.

On average when we clean a computer we remove 15-20 of these programs. That alone speeds up the computer and helps prevent annoying popups and slows startup speeds. This is a key step to cleaning your computer. Removing this type of software is like cleaning out your garage of useless junk. It creates space for new items, and clears the clutter so you have a better experience on your computer.

How can you prevent installing Junkware on your computer? Pay attention to the installation of free software that comes from the web. Even most respected networks for freeware distribution use bundling for installing programs that help to monetize freeware distribution. Read privacy policy and EULA for unknown products before installing them. Use custom installation option that let you manage installed programs. Remove checkmarks out of boxes placed next to offered additional software unless you know what you are installing.

In conclusion this definition seems clearer: Junkware is useless software that cannot hurt your computer and cannot benefit you in any significant way. This term describes all programs that most of computer users want to remove. It is important to note that Junkware is often installed without user’s consent, and no one likes deceptive ways used for installing unwanted programs.

Knowing this information is one key step to a cleaner and faster computer. So look through your installed programs and uninstall the clutter.

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