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Prevention is the best medicine

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Why should I come into a shop and get a tune-up for my computer? It seems to be working fine.

Coming in for a clean-up/tune-up is mostly preventative maintenance. It's not unusual for customers come in with something minor, and for us to catch a larger issue that should be resolved before it gets worse. For example, you may come in for a cleanup simply to clear some space, but we could find that your hard drive is failing. If you have an estimated 6 months before it fails completely, then we can help you back up your files and replace the hard drive before there's data loss.

How often should I come in for a tune-up?

There's no set timeline. It can change from person to person depending on what you do, how careful you are on your computer, the applications you have, how often you're on your system, etc. As a general rule of thumb, we say every 6 or 12 months is best. This way we can make sure everything is running well and there are no worries for potential future problems.

What exactly is a tune-up?

1.) Hardware Checkup

First off, we start with a full hardware diagnostic, to check up on the condition of the hard drive and other physical hardware.

2.) Operating System Checkup

The operating system cleanup consists of cleaning old temp files, log files, update files, and doing a system file check to make sure the crucial operating system files are there, not corrupted and working properly.

3.) Third-Party Software/ Application Checkup

There are many programs that boot up with your computer and run in the background constantly. These eat up resources, and accumulate as you download and update new things. Cleaning these programs is the main helping hand in improving the performance of your computer.

4.) Threat/Security/Virus Checkup

Viruses can be prevented. We go through and scan and clean up threats that potentially would have been a problem for you in the future.

As always, we appreciate you taking the time to read these articles, and if you know a cleanup is long overdue, then come by the shop and let us take care of it for you!

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