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PC Touchup vs. UpWorx

PC Touchup is our Residential Computer Repair company. We provide variety of services to keep your machine up and running to the best of its ability. Our team has been taking care of our residential customers since 2014. UpWorx is for our Commercial Clientele, offering different services and more behind the scenes work. Our UpWorx team works diligently to keep other businesses up and running every day.

PC Touchup

Residential Services:

1.) Hardware Repairs

2.) Software Installation

3.) Software Repairs

3.) OS Updates

4.) Virus Protection

5.) General Cleanups - Best for slow machines, or if your machine is struggling to open programs.

6.) Hard Drive Recovery and Replacement

7.) Solid State Hard Drive Installations

8.) Home Networking

9.) Home-security Systems and Camera Systems

10.) House Visits

All House Visits are charged hourly. If you are located outside of Woodland Park, CO drive time is also charged. All services provided in the shop are charged at a flat rate instead of by the hour.

Services Not Provided:

1.) Phones

2.) Tablets

3.) Gaming Consoles

Unfortunately we do not work on or repair any of the above devices. If you are needing such repairs you can call us for advice on where to get these services provided.


Commercial Based Services:

1.) MSP (Managed Services) = Installing an application on workstations and servers that has proactive maintenance and allows our technicians to monitor things such as antiviruses, backups, and allows us to aid them remotely. Remote services are unfortunately something in which we cannot offer our residential customers.

Many businesses use their personal computer for their businesses as well. For this type of client, we may choose to help them through PC Touchup or Upworx based on their needs.

For further information regarding either of our businesses and the services provided as well as pricing please contact us.

Contact Info:

Phone: 855.728.6824

Address: 750 E US-24 Suite 105 Woodland Park, CO 80863

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