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Manage, Enable and Clear Cookies in Google Chrome

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

What are cookies? If you’ve kept up with the last few blog posts on our site, we talked about data, data sharing, and securing your personal data. A “cookie” is a small amount of data that your web browser saves in a file to remember information about you. An example of this is when you login to a website, and then the next time it remembers your login username or password. Search engines similarly can store a packet of data to create an algorithm for your preferences based on what you have searched in the past, and give you relevant content for you to look at. So, when you go to a new website and they ask, “Allow cookies?” you are either allowing them to save your data from that site or not.

To delete all cookies:

Remember! This will clear all of the data stored on your web browser. This means saved passwords, usernames, preferences, and potentially anything syncing from one device to another. Make sure you have all of that information saved if you decide to clear your cache. It is a lot of work to have your info saved, but you should still consider clearing your cookies cache for these reasons:

  1. Some cookies, or data saved from websites, can be outdated and corrupted. This will cause error messages.

  2. Although one cookie is a tiny bit of data, many cookies can start to take up storage space on your computer.

  3. It’s safe to clear your cache every once in a while because as websites save data on you, malicious companies or hackers will try to acquire that data for their advantage. Although many companies that are keeping your data and sharing them may be safe, you are more vulnerable to data security breaches and hackers if you never clear your cache.

If you aren’t okay with deleting some of the info that you have saved on your web browser, or you just want to delete old caches, there are options for that too.

To delete cookies from specific websites:

Or to delete from a specific time period:

If you do not want any website ever to save any files of data from you, then you can just block cookies on you Chrome browser.

To allow or block all cookies:

If you don’t want a specific website to save your data, but you don’t want to keep going back and deleting you cookies from that specific website, then you can block cookies on that website.

To block cookies from a specific website:

If you would like us to do a tutorial of this, but tailored for a different website browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, then comment on this blogpost or our Facebook page to let us know! If you have any other questions, feel free to call one of our technicians at 855-728-6824.

*All photos taken from support.google.com

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