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Keeping a Computer Clean

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

A Clean Computer = Less Frustration!

But what does a clean computer mean? Do you need to take it outside and rinse it down every once in a while, or reload the operating system to maintain its basic roots? Maybe you just need to pay someone every three months to do it for us. While some of these options may be recommended, for most cases it’s not necessary. You - yes you- can keep and maintain a fast, "clean" computer with a little information and the right technique.

Over the next few weeks PC Touchup will be going over the ways to keep your computer clean in plain english. We will segment these posts into different processes of the overall cleaning process. These posts won’t go over each individual step of running a said program, but it will give you the understanding of "why is this happening to me?" From there you can understand what the actual issue is and how to resolve it. By the end you will be able to understand your computer's normal maintenance, make sure everything is running smooth, and most importantly, know why you are doing this.

If you understand the difference between grayware, adware, virus, operating system error, and ransomware then you will better understand how this happened to your system and what the proper steps to resolve it are. Below is a list of the different topics we will be going over in the next few weeks. They all bundle together to ensure you are keeping a clean healthy computer. Please feel free to comment if you feel we are missing a topic and we will work it into our posts.

Part 1. Grayware/Junkware

Part 2. Adware

Part 3. Viruses

Part 4. Operating System

Part 5. Disk Health

Part 6. Updates

Part 7. Overview and Making it happen

Stay tuned for each part as they become available. Each step is important in the overall cleaning process.

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