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Getting Protected

The simplest way to protect your computer is to get an antivirus. This only becomes complicated when you realize how many options there are and how many actually don't work to help you. You might think "what about McAfee, or Norton, they've been around for years!" Don't spend the extra money - Stop worrying, and get Malwarebytes.

What is Malwarebytes?

“We block viruses, malware, malicious websites, ransomware and hackers that traditional antivirus isn’t smart enough to stop.” -

Why does PC Touchup use Malwarebytes?

PC Touchup has been using Malwarebytes since our storefront opened in 2014. It began as our technician’s go-to tool to remove unwanted malware, viruses, or scam software. Tried and true, this anti-virus program has been a one-stop solution for our malware cleanups in the shop, and over the last eight years we’ve been in business, it has not failed to be the most productive and efficient way to help costumers stay safe. Malwarebytes is easy to manage at home, easy to navigate for the day to day user, and it really does all the work for you!

What is Malwarebyte’s superpower?

Any anti-virus is only as good as it’s definitions. Definitions are files that identify certain viruses. Security programs must download these files and use them to identify viruses as they scan computers. Definition libraries are frequently being updated so that the anti-virus can detect all the most current threats. Unfortunately the other big name companies have more unknown definitions leaving their consumers vulnerable. Malwarebytes has definition updates that come through almost on a daily basis. This is one of the biggest reasons why it at the top of virus security.

What are Malwarebytes' primary services?

  1. Web Protection. Will block any threats that come up as you are opening different pages in your web browser. This can be malicious code, redirects, or threats found through the definition updates.

  2. Exploit Protection. This guards vulnerabilities in the operating system or any applications in the operating system. If Windows has not patched some problems within the OS yet, Malwarebytes will update their definitions to fill that gap until it’s been fixed by the developers.

  3. Malware Protection. Defends against all known threats outside of your software that are installed through a virus or scam software. Unlike web and exploit protection, this isn’t a preventative service but something that helps only once the malware has already intruded into your system.

  4. Ransomware Protection. Ransomware is a virus that will encrypt files on your computer and hold them ransom until you pay to get a decryption key. Malwarebytes can detect if any or multiple files are being encrypted and will attack and lockout the intruding ransomware.

What is Malwarebyte’s secret weapon?

The fifth feature that isn’t advertised as much by Malwarebytes is the option to lock-out Malwarebytes itself. You can set up a password so that the settings cannot be changed, the items in quarantine cannot be viewed or restored, and the four different layers of protection listed above cannot be turned off. This is the final layer of defense that can protect you if someone does gain access to your system remotely and tries to turn Malwarebytes off. Whoever is trying to attack you will have no way of turning off your protection with this feature. Better Safe then Sorry!

How Do I Get Protected?

PC Touchup sells Malwarebytes and helps you set it up on your system so that you are completely protected. If this is something you would like to buy, then call us or come into the storefront so that we can help you out.

We are open Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm. Call our team today for further questions 855-728-6824

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