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Bring Back the Original USB?

This is the standard USB-A charger that you probably are familiar with:

Recently, Apple responded to the EU's effort to create a universal charger for all devices. This takes time to implement, but more and more you'll see new computers and phones only using the USB-C model for charging and connecting.

This is the USB-C model:

This seems like a major inconvenience since most older devices require the older USB model. However, there are some perks to switching over.

  1. Eventually, you will not need so many chargers for all of your devices. (Smartphones, computer, iPad, etc.)

  2. The wire has the same end on both sides, so you don't have to worry about which side you are plugging in.

  3. Probably the biggest advantage of this charger is that it is new technology. This means that instead of being limited to around 12 watts of power for charging, USB-C can power devices up to 100 W.

You may not see this change happening in your own life yet. However, this is your heads-up that it is changing and you may begin to see it more!

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