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A Spill Away from Disaster

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Technology is such a part of our day to day life. Often times it feels inevitable that the dog pushes your computer off your bed, your child shatters your phone screen on the sidewalk or your Friday night red wine spills all over your keyboard. It happens, and we get it.

Although we want to provide you help with all of these problems, lets start with one. So, what should you do if your tea, coffee, water, coke, wine, etc. spills all over your computer?

1.) Act fast.

Unplug the power cable and hold the power button (if dry) for at least 5 seconds or until your computer shuts down. If the power button isn't dry, do your best to dry it off first with a towel before pressing it.

2.) Remove the battery

Be sure that everything is unplugged and the computer is completely shut down. Then, if you can, remove the battery from the back panel of the computer. It should be as simple as sliding the battery lock aside and popping it out. If there's no option to do this, that means you have to unscrew the back plate of the computer to get to the battery. If you feel comfortable with this, go ahead and do it. If not then you can always take it into a professional.

3.) Clean it off

Use some kind of cloth to absorb as much physical moisture as possible from the surface of the laptop.

4.) Get the water out

Tilt the computer onto it's side, and let more of the liquid drip out, removing it once more with a cleaning cloth.

5.) Dry it out

Leave your laptop on it's side, or upside-down for at least 3 hours to dry. If you want, you can use a blowdryer, setting it on the coolest setting and making sure not to stay on one spot too long. If you do use a blowdryer, still make sure to give it a couple hours to air out.

6.) Test it out

Once all is dry, and the computer has sat for a couple hours, put your battery back in and try it out. If you have any problems that persist even after this, then please take it to a professional who can help you.

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