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5 Reasons Why Computer Experts Hate Windows 10

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Windows 10: In it for the long haul

Many of you reading this are Windows users, and if you operate with Windows 10, then various problems have probably popped up with this new operating system.

Here is our perspective on why computer experts hate Windows 10 so much.

#1- It's impossible to disable updates.

Windows 10 is purposefully designed to be the last version of Windows. To produce the most secure and stable system out there, Microsoft is committed to sending out frequent security updates and feature updates. Sometime right before the beginning of this year, they made it impossible to disable or delay Windows Updates, it will just reinstall every time you reboot your computer. The problem here is that in the last year Microsoft has had a track record of releasing updates that have created issues for their users. Delaying updates can be helpful in ensuring that the update you are getting is stable.

#2- The major version updates.

Automatic updates wouldn't be such a bother if the updates themselves didn't cause major system flaws. At the beginning of 2018, Windows pushed version 1709 out. From this point on, we've had an influx of customers whose update caused something to break. Just a couple months after 1709, version 1803 came out, which has resulted in even worse installation problems. Everyone who had issues with the 1803 version had to then go through a complete Windows reload. A fresh reload is usually our last resource to fix any problem on a computer, but becomes necessary in the event of one of these bad updates.

#3- Updates are virtually non-stop.

Major version updates as well as smaller, weekly updates are going to continue to happen. For Microsoft, the goal is to keep Windows 10 around, and build off of it. There have already been around 6-7 different versions of Windows 10. So, why do their updates keep breaking things? They are pushing out their new features constantly, and although these are approved for the public, we believe they are not taking the time to improve on what they can for each update because they want to get the newer version out as quickly as possible.

#4- Windows 10 tries to force using a Microsoft account.

Microsoft is trying to force local users to login with a Microsoft account. If you don't, then you will start getting notifications saying that there is a problem with the computer- even though it shouldn't be an issue. We recommend going through a local account anyways because if an update messes with your system, many times we cannot restore anything through a Microsoft account. The way it is setup in comparison to a local account makes it incredibly difficult for anyone to access the utilities needed to repair after a bad update or something wrong with the operating system.

#5- Windows 10 utilities are limited for technicians.

Windows 10 is trying to be more like Mac operating systems. They don't like outside sources doing the repairs. With Windows 7, we could build the system back up, sans reload, with less time cost for us and the customer. Windows 10 has locked third- party repair businesses out of a lot of resources. Many things have blocked access and there have been a myriad of driver issues in the registry. For a technician, this means something that should be an easy fix, isn't, because instead of repairing a driver, we end up having to replace the hardware (which is more costly for us and the customer).

Are there any benefits of Windows 10?

We believe that there is a reason, apart from monetary value, why Microsoft wants Windows 10 to be the new normal. The actual system that processes all the code for Windows 10 is different than the system that processes older Windows OS. This is called a kernel. The kernel for Windows 10 is supposed to be able to handle multi-tasking more efficiently, process code more efficiently, and handle more hardware.

It is important that we stay up to date because that is how technology moves forward. Right now, it's just a matter of getting through the natural trial and error that must happen whenever boundaries are being pushed. That being said, we want you to know that no one is going to judge you if you decide to stick with the trusty Windows 7, or Windows 8 moving forward.

Don't go it alone.

Anytime there is a major update, the best way to avoid extreme issues, is to bring it in and have us do the update off of our pre-installed, verified media. This is the best alternative to downloading the newest version through Windows Updates because we can work around common install problems you will otherwise have. Feel free to call at 855-728-6824 or come by the shop anytime.

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