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Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Welcome to PC Touchup's first blog! With this first post we want to inform you why we are here, why we do what we do, and the purpose of this blog.

PC Touchup was founded on the belief that computer repair shouldn't be a traumatic experience; it should be something people can trust and relate to. We have found that most people are scared of the repair process because the technician doesn't speak their language, because of this miscommunication most people don't know if the information they are getting is trustworthy.

Trust is the key component in any relationship, whether it’s your mechanic, banker, barber or computer technician. If you don't trust the person you’re working with then the experience can be scary. PC Touchup believes that trust is standing behind our repairs and not overcharging for our work. We believe that trust comes from being open with people and providing the proper information about the situation at hand. Information is the key to trust.

The value of our service isn't just in the repair, it is also the education you receive that will help you in the future. If our customers are informed of how to keep their systems running smoother then they don't need a full time technician. Sounds bad for business, right? That's what most people would think, but we are a part of the community, and what better way to build business in a small community than to inform people and create trust within our customers.

It’s simple...

1. You come in for a repair.

2. We repair your computer and make sure it is reliable

3. We inform you of the situation and tell you what to keep an eye on.

4. Because you know this information, you maintain your system properly

5. You go without repairs to your system for an extended amount of time because of this knowledge.

6. You are happier about your computer, and your experience with our technician!

The effects are long lasting and we hope that your impression about PC Touchup is as well! We trust you will visit this blog often to learn more techniques to make your life run smoother.

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