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Who we are

PC Touchup is a home computer repair and networking company nestled in the beautiful mountains of Woodland Park, CO. Our technicians have a wide range of skills. We are fluent in all 12 major Windows operating systems and have a certified Apple associate on board to service all your Mac needs. Our team also has experience working with firewalls, routers, advanced DNS configurations, and networking. Most importantly, our team has no fear of learning something new. So, no matter what technical issues you are experiencing, we are here to help!


As of January 2019, PC Touchup will be handling all residential clients, and if you are looking for commercial services, then you can head to our website for Upworx, a PC Touchup company that takes care of all local commercial based needs! For more information on Upworx click here for:

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Honest Advice

We pride ourselves in holding honesty at a high value. If you aren't sure what computer to buy, if you have a simple question about software, or if you bring your computer in and it is not worth doing repairs on- we will always tell you what our best advice is. 


Need to know what is causing your issue? PC Touchup Diagnostics look into all aspects of your computer to find the problem. All diagnostics include an estimate; diagnostic fees are waived if you choose to have your computer repaired at that time.

General Cleanup

A slow computer can be caused by many issues: failing hard drives, software, and junk buildups. A cleanup gives you a 360º view into the issue. All cleanup starts with a guaranteed system diagnostic. If all you need is the cleanup then we optimize your startup and shutdown, remove grayware, and do 30+ maintenance operations to restore your computer to the speed it once was, if not faster! 

Virus Removal

There’s always is a new virus surfacing, and they seem to be getting smarter. Infections that demand payment to unlock your computer, and won’t even let you boot into safe mode are no problem for us. Smart viruses that your protection software can’t find, or that change their appearance can’t hide from us. These viruses are tricky but they don’t stand a chance. All virus removals include a free cleanup.

Data Recovery

PC Touchup, LLC. is an authorized reseller partner for DriveSavers data recovery, eDiscovery and digital forensic services. We can diagnose the issue in house to determine if there is a need for a  a more advanced data recovery. Then ship in your device or hard drive for a free data analysis and estimate.

And much more

Not only do we provide the services listed above but we replace hard hardware, upgrade operating systems, do backups, system restores, and custom builds! For more information on our services, contact us via the number below.

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We have just recently switched all of our commercial clients over from PC Touchup, to now being managed by Upworx, the official company for all business services. Now, PC Touchup will only service residential work, and Upworx will purely be the side of our business that covers our commercial clients.  


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